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During the April 25, 2015 earthquake, Childreach Nepal was actively involved in the relief works in Sindupalchok, which involved rebuilding ten schools within Paanch Pokhari, Thangpal Rural Municipality.

We were able to complete the construction of 86 classroom in ten schools in partnership with the members from the community who supported in providing manual labour. They constituted of youths and aged, one of the grandparents was heard saying, “We are doing this for the future of our children”. With this collaborative effort for one common purpose, we completed the construction within a span of one year.

The newly constructed classroom has now been a solace for the children as well as the community, as it has, given them hope and encouragement to get back to life and rebuild communities. After we handed over the rest of the schools in the month of September 2016 we observed a surge of activities taking place, classes could resume normally and organisations involved in relief and rehabilitation could make use of these schools to conduct their activities. As for us we were able to start our programmatic activities through Child Protection, Education and Sports for Development in the newly reconstructed school.

Through this project we learnt that schools in the community does not just remain a school, rather it has a pivotal role to play in the overall development of the community, directly or indirectly.

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To construct 100 permanent classroom


Opening of the classroom: On the 20th of November,2015, Universal Children’s Day, opened a first 4 classroom at Bhim Bidhya Ashram Secondary School in Sindhupalchowk. The classroom was inaugurated by the children at the school.

Handover of the Classroom: Hundred classrooms were officially handed over to the schools in Banskharka, Thangpaldhap and Thangpalkot, Sindhupachowk.


Panch Pokhari Thangpal Rural Municipality, Sindhupalchowk


September, 2016