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Teachers development is one of the most crucial components of quality education.

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Teachers and youth mentors

Many teachers in Nepal receives inadequate training, especially those in remote areas. This makes providing quality education impossible. Research indicates that teacher quality, along with supportive school organization and management, significantly improve children’s learning and development and the school at large. It also fosters community support, which is vital for attendance, and retention rates. Literature also shows that a teacher’s skills are largely dependent on their own education, training and the availability of post training support, which we believe in and adhere to.

We work with teachers in our collaborating schools to ensure that they develop themselves professionally and become confident in impart quality education.

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To develop teachers’ ability to deliver participatory and child-friendly learning methods.


Teachers’ Training – Secondary Teachers’ Training (2012).
Primary Teachers’ Training (2013).
Early Childhood Development Teachers’ Training (2014).
Science teacher training (2015).


Sindhupalchok, Bhaktapur, Dolakha, Kavre, and Lalitpur


April 2011 - Ongoing


You can support this project by:


Will provide a day’s meal to a child at the community based early childhood development center.


Will provide a month long stationary supply to a child at the community based early childhood development center.


Will provide educational toys to one classroom (ECD).


Will provide learning materials for one classroom, which includes number and alphabets (ECD and Meera Center).


Will enable to paint one classroom, to brighten the learning environment in the schools.