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The state of the oldest formal school in Nepal, the Durbar High School, is what pushed this campaign into action.

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1200 Girls 1200 Boys

Teachers and youth mentors

With the rooms and the capacity to handle more than 1500 students at a time, the school currently caters to 200 students. Once an elite school for the children of aristocrats, unfortunately, it no longer attracts the financial support and donation that it used to, and has been falling into disrepair over decades. This campaign hopes to revive the charm of the school, that many owe their educational journey to, with a simple act of painting and refurbishing the classrooms. We understand that it is not just the Durbar High School that needs uplifting, and we want people in their respective communities to take the initiative to refurbish one classroom at a time of any local schools that needs assistance. This is a campaign that we hope will become national, inspiring people of all ages to expend their time towards the betterment of classroom environment for the children and the teachers.

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To create a positive learning environment for the children and teachers inside the classroom, one school at a time.


Painted 40 Classrooms



May 2014 - 2016