We are a learning organisation that works with integrity and passion to bring about change for children and their families and communities. Through the power of teamwork, we seek to create inclusive innovation for development, and use a human-centered approach to empower children and young people to speak up and claim their rights.


Our Values Explained


We work with fairness and honesty to maintain the credibility of the organisation and its activities, holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards in all that we do.


Our absolute belief in child rights is at the heart of our work. We are dedicated, motivated and endlessly enthusiastic about helping communities to help themselves.


Childreach Nepal is a family.To Get Things Done we rely on mutual support, collaboration and cooperation both internally and with all our valued partners.


Our projects are co-designed and implemented with our community partners in a single rural municipality. We bring empathy and compassion to recognize, value and include the needs and ideas of each and every individual.


Celebrating diversity enables us to create, support and promote equitable opportunities for every child within our partner communities.


Children should be seen and heard. Our work helps them find autonomy, confidence and the self-determination and voice needed to articulate and claim their own rights.


Optimistic experimentation is crucial to the success and growth of our projects and our organisation. Thinking creatively leads to better solutions that transform lives.


Education is a right that doesn’t end in school. As a learning organisation, we embrace our failures as well as our successes and see every lesson as an opportunity for improvement.